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To train humanist, constructivist and competent professionals who contribute to the social and scientific development of Mexico in a sustainable way, socially responsible, with a public and interdisciplinary vocation and oriented by the search for excellence in their scientific training on the frontier.

Admission profile

The applicant who wishes to enter the Bachelor of Social Work must have the following characteristics:

  • Willingness to establish interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

  • Appropriate attitude for reading.

  • Sensitivity to social problems and sense of responsibility in solving them.

  • Positive attitude for constant self-improvement.

  • Meet the entry requirements to INUMEDH.

Graduate Profile

  • The graduate of the Bachelor of Social Work will develop a profile oriented to their professional demand based on the areas of requirement of their current context.


  • The graduate of this career will have the knowledge, skills, abilities and activities necessary to carry out research that contributes to the development of the profession. The construction of knowledge from a qualitative epistemology as a distinctive feature of social research, as well as to respond to the commitment to analyze the scope and limitations of methodologies to create new technical references that allow understanding and explaining the diversity of reality and thus respond with social intervention for the promotion and prevention of an adequate state of social welfare with incidents in health, education, business, legal and human rights, groups, communities, among others. From the social field in correspondence to the demands of the individuals with whom it interacts professionally.


  • The Social Work career characterizes the graduation profile of its students by their commitment and ability to integrate the theoretical-practical elements of scientific and social knowledge.

Labor Field

  • The graduate of the Degree in Social Work may work in the public and private sectors in the following areas:

  • Health: Hospitals, clinics, recreational and sports centers.

  • Education.

  • Social rehabilitation centers.

  • Nurseries, orphanages, boarding schools, nursing homes, etc.

  • Procurement and administration of justice.

  • Social Security.

  • Companies in the area of human development.

  • Teaching.

  • Generate your own conditions of employment as an independent professional, individually or corporately.

  • Healthcare area



  • History and Philosophy of Social Work

  • Epistemology

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • English

  • Introduction to social sciences


  • Social Work Theory

  • Applied Informatics

  • Public Health Fundamentals

  • Scientific and Social Research Methodology

  • Oral and written communication

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