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Licenciatura en Enfermería y Rehabilitación INUMEDH Misión.jpf


To train humanist, constructivist and competent professionals who contribute to the social and scientific development of Mexico in a sustainable way, socially responsible, with a public and interdisciplinary vocation and oriented by the search for excellence in their scientific training on the frontier.

Admission profile

Have basic knowledge of:

  • Math

  • biology

  • General chemistry

  • Anatomy

  • General Logic Reasoning

  • Vocabulary and basic conjugation of the English language

  • Management of basic computer programs (office parcels).

Graduate Profile

The graduate of the Bachelor of Nursing and Rehabilitation will be able to:

  • Identify with objectivity, systematization and order the factors that intervene in the health-disease process in its three levels of care and rehabilitation.

  • Provide nursing and rehabilitation care to people considering them as integral beings, in any health experience and in the different stages of the life cycle, integrating the family and community, applying the nursing process in the different areas of performance and in all levels of care, to contribute directly to preserving life and regain health.

  • To contribute to reducing the morbidity and mortality of the mother-child group by providing nursing care to women during the reproductive stage, specifically during pregnancy, childbirth and the low-risk puerperium, at home and in health institutions of first and second level of care.

  • Participate in the development of nursing research and use its findings to guide and improve professional practice.

  • It intervenes in the different levels of health care, and in the community in comprehensive care and attention in conjunction with the different health professionals.

  • It provides health care in a humanistic way, under scientific principles that integrate critical and analytical thinking, observing at all times the ethical and bioethical approaches at the different levels of care.

  • Ability to apply the different methods as tools for the integration of better processes or strategies to the health care of the patient / user, the family and the community.

  • It will analyze and integrate the reporting of data or clinical cases as evidence for a better management of multidisciplinary care that integrates in this way more precise diagnoses within the medical team.

Labor Field

  • The graduate of the Bachelor of Nursing and Rehabilitation may work in:

  • Health Sector: Health institutions, whether private or public at the national and international level.

  • Industrial Sector: in companies dedicated to the detection and prevention of occupational hazards, or in the occupational health areas of any organization.

  • Others: In research, teaching, consulting or starting your own company.

  • First level of care in family medicine clinics.

  • Second level of care in both government, state, municipal and national hospitals (IMSS, Secretary of Health, ISSSTE, Red Cross) and private hospitals.

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories.

  • In factories or industries offices.

  • Nursing homes

  • In teaching in nursing schools and / or colleges.



  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • English I

  • History and Philosophy of Nursing


  • Biochemistry

  • Applied Informatics

  • Public Health Fundamentals

  • Methodology of Scientific and Social Research

  • Nursing Fundamentals

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