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Nutrición y Dietetética INUMEDH .jpf
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To train humanist, constructivist and competent professionals who contribute to the social and scientific development of Mexico in a sustainable way, socially responsible, with a public and interdisciplinary vocation and oriented by the search for excellence in their scientific training on the frontier.

Admission profile

The applicant who wishes to enter the Nutrition career must have the following characteristics:

  • Proper management of oral and written language.

  • Basic knowledge of Social Sciences

  • Basic knowledge of Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

  • Basic knowledge of English.

  • Management of basic computer programs (Office packages).

Graduate Profile

  • The professional graduated from INUMEDH in the Nutrition and Dietetics career is characterized: by his commitment and ability to integrate the theoretical-practical elements of scientific knowledge. Knowledge (know)

  • Knowledge
  • Understand the importance of feeding the pregnant woman and its impact on the normal development of the fetus.

  • Interpret the benefits of an adequate diet.

  • Understand the importance of Nutrition in the growth and development of preschool, school and adolescent infants.

  • Identify the dietary errors that interfere with adequate nutritional status in these age groups.

  • Skills
  • Assess the nutritional status at the individual and collective level.

  • Generate meal plans.

  • Manage food and nutrition services.

  • Generate and develop related companies, carry out research in these areas and join multidisciplinary teams.

  • Have a significant impact on the food and nutritional context.

  • Attitudes
  • Open up to the integration of the different theoretical-practical conceptions of nutrition and dietetics.

  • Maintain a critical attitude in relation to your person, your professional work and your social environment.

  • Maintain an attitude of service to those who demand your professional intervention.

  • Put into action creativity, flexibility, responsibility and continuous updating.

  • Have a significant impact on the food and nutritional context.

Labor Field

  • Clinical nutrition in public and private health services (hospitals, clinics, restaurants, casinos, food companies, among others).

  • Planning bodies and public policy development in nutrition.

  • Formulation of nutritional intervention and research projects.

  • Food industries and creation of micro and medium healthy eating companies.

  • High performance sports centers and gyms.

  • Academic instructions: teaching, research, coordination and support of interventions in nutrition.

  • Nursing homes for the elderly.

  • Free exercise of the profession.



  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Introduction to The Society

  • Foreign language English

  • Nutrition and Society


  • Biochemistry

  • Applied Informatics

  • Public Health Fundamentals

  • Research Methodology and Statistics

  • Anthropology partner of Food

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