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To train humanist, constructivist and competent professionals who contribute to the social and scientific development of Mexico in a sustainable way, socially responsible, with a public and interdisciplinary vocation and oriented by the search for excellence in their scientific training on the frontier.

Admission profile


  • The applicant who wishes to enter the Lic. In Psychology must have the following characteristics:

  • Humanist.

  • Interest in investigating interpersonal relationships.

  • Proper handling of oral and written language.

  • Basic knowledge of Social Sciences.

  • Basic knowledge of Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

  • Basic knowledge in English.

  • Adaptation to interdisciplinary work.

  • Creativity to get involved in the processes of human behavior.

  • Interest in solving problems of human behavior.

  • Appropriate attitude for reading, critical and creative judgment in order to be able

  • get involved in the process it involves.

Graduate Profile

  • The graduate of INUMEDH of the Lic. In Psychology is a competent professional in knowledge, abilities and attitudes-aptitudes, in the different areas and theories that integrate the psychology and sciences for health purposes; with a high sense of professional responsibility in solving the health problems of people and society; as well as in the intervention of psychological and psychometric techniques from the individual, social and work areas.

  • In his professional performance he can demonstrate at the level of abilities and skills, the highest level in the development of research, diagnosis and psychological evaluations; the design and evaluation of intervention programs; the development and implementation of psychological prevention models; advising and consulting and conducting educational, training, change and public opinion programs; the construction, validation and interpretation of psychological instruments.

Labor Field

  • The graduate of the Lic. In Psychology may work in:

  • Health center, clinics of social assistance institutions, clinical research institutes, special education centers, educational institutions (teaching-learning processes, vocational guidance), companies (relationship of the individual with their work environment), child development centers, education and training institutions, as well as private consulting offices.

  • I work in government agencies dedicated to health (DIF, IMSS, ISSSTE).

  • In educational institutions, in the areas of management, administration, research, advisory and educational evaluation, as well as teaching.

  • Personal development units.

  • Clinical psychology through therapy to individuals and groups (children, adolescents, families, communities and older adults).

  • Advice to organizations, schools and human groups to improve the quality of life and health of the institutions.

  • Accompaniment of urban, rural and indigenous groups in intercultural integration and development of social virtues for quality coexistence.

  • Your own company for coexistence or office in the different areas of organizational development, introduction and selection of personnel, improvement of the work environment and human development.



  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • Foreign language English

  • Introduction to Psychology (History)


  • Biochemistry

  • Applied Informatics

  • Fundamentals of Public Health

  • Methodology of Scientific and Social Research

  • Sensory perception

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